Comprehensive Home Security Systems

Emerald Coast Alarms are more affordable, reliable, and more secure than a typical alarm system. With a dedicated cellular connection, your home is protected even if the phone line is cut or the Internet is interrupted, and for 24+ hours after a power failure. We also have exclusive, patented technology that provides a superior level of protection and awareness via your home security system.

Emerald Coast Alarms offers the only security system with patented Crash & Smash Technology, which keeps your home protected even if the security panel is destroyed. This patented and award-winning Image Sensor is an advanced motion sensor with a built in camera that can capture images in the dark and allows you to visually check in on your property whenever motion is detected. And, to keep you aware of events outside of your home that may impact your safety, Emerald Coast Alarms Severe Weather Alerts notify you of hurricane, flood or earthquake events in your area based on real-time weather data.

  • Arrive home to a comfortable environment after a long day at work.
  • Reduce energy waste and unnecessary expense.
  • Watch your kids arrive home from school safely.
  • Be sure that your home is always protected.