1. How Home Monitoring Will Improve Your Quality Of Life

    “Home monitoring” and “smart home systems” are synonymous now. If you’re wondering if a home monitoring system is the right choice for you and your home, the short answer is yes. If you remember, the worldwide switch from flip phone and regular cell phones to smartphones was rather sudden. The first touchscreen device popped onto the market and it seemed like it would be a slow meander, …Read More

  2. The Advantage of Keyless Locks

    It’s 2018 and it’s officially the future. We’ve got doorbell cameras that allow you to talk to someone from “your living room” when you’re actually halfway across the world. We’ve got bio-identification running rampant through city streets to help police forces catch criminals. We have actual 3D printers that can print out candy and useful tools. We, indeed, live in the future as we …Read More

  3. How Video Camera Surveillance Will Make Your Business Safer

    It only takes a glimpse of a suspicious character in your business to make you second guess your own safety measures. Even if you have an alarm on the door, you can’t guarantee that they won’t take anything because you can’t afford a security team constantly patrolling the grounds of your business. What if something worse happens when you’re not even at your place of work, what if it’s i…Read More

  4. Why Do I Need a Home Security System?

    With home automation and home security systems with plenty of bells and whistles on the rise, it can be hard to determine if you need all of those fancy gadgets — after all, you’ve made it this far without them. But just because you have yet to be robed up to this point in your life does not mean that won’t suddenly change. If you’re still not convinced about ensuring your family’s safet…Read More