It only takes a glimpse of a suspicious character in your business to make you second guess your own safety measures. Even if you have an alarm on the door, you can’t guarantee that they won’t take anything because you can’t afford a security team constantly patrolling the grounds of your business. What if something worse happens when you’re not even at your place of work, what if it’s in the middle of the night and they take the things you need in order to feed your family and your employees. The answer may seem rather complicated, but in truth, it’s very simple: you need a surveillance system.

The Benefits of Video Surveillance

While a video surveillance system will certainly make you feel safer, it’ll make everyone else that frequents your business feel safer as well. It makes your business a significantly safer place to work. The ROI isn’t immediately palpable, but it’s certainly present and benefiting you at all times. In the long-run, they save you a considerable amount of money.

They Reduce Insurance Costs

We get it, no one likes the look of that figure the insurance company is taking from your bank account every month for business insurance. You can let your insurance know when you’ve installed a brand new video camera surveillance system and they’ll often offer a discount on your new policy. This will lower your premiums overall as you’re much less of a liability if you’re taking the protection of your business into your own hands and not just leaving the fallout in theirs.

They Reduce Employee Theft

Employees that steal from the business that employs them are few and far between, but they do exist. While it can feel doubtful that one of your own trusted employees would ever do such a thing, as you delegate more and more while your business grows, you might not have time to vet everyone, and something might slip through the cracks. In this case, it’s better to be safe, rather than sorry. According to the U.S. Department of Commerce around 75 percent of employees steal, though keep in mind, their definition of “stealing” might be totally different than yours. A surveillance system will give you the eyes in the sky you need to suss out the culprits and discuss their actions with them.

Make Your Business Safer

As the premier security system provider in Miramar Beach, we believe that no one deserves to feel unsafe at work. A couple of eyes in the sky can go a long way toward making your employees and yourself feel safer in your work environment. With a camera mounted at your exits/entrances as well as in strategic areas around your parking lot and the interior of your business space, you’ll be able to prevent robberies as well as keep your employees and yourself safe as you all walk out to your cars after dark.

Invest in the Safety of Your Business

Interested in putting some money into video camera surveillance for your business? Reach out to Emerald Coast Alarms. We provide a variety of options for the continued and enhanced the security of your business. If you’re interested in keeping more than just your business safe, be sure to check out our variety of home automation and safety features that can increase the security of your Miramar Beach home as well. Reach out to us to find out more about our various services and get your quote today.