Emerald Coast Alarms is a completely connected system that enables seamless automation across your security, video and energy management systems. Now your home can adjust automatically to you. Price List (PDF Flyer)

Well-Rounded Home Security and Monitoring Provides:

  • Reduce energy waste with Smart Schedules.
  • Get an image alert whenever the front door opens.
  • Protect your business with automatic system arming.
  • Get more out of your security system.
  • Have your porch light turn on at dusk.
  • Automatically lock the door when your system’s armed.

Integrated Home Security Solutions

Emerald Coast Alarms integrates all your services into a single connected solution. Use customized triggers and smart schedules to connect your security system with your video cameras, locks, lights, and thermostats to get the most advanced automated solutions all in one place. Learn More (PDF Flyer)

Smart Schedules

Smart Schedules™ allows you to set automatic light and thermostat adjustments based on time of day and day of week. Emerald Coast Alarms can even learn your activity patterns and help optimize a schedule that fits you perfectly.

Effortless Energy Savings

Have thermostats auto-adjust to an energy-saving mode when you leave, and re-adjust to a comfortable setting when you’re on your way home.

Arming Reminders

Rely on your home automated reminder to tell you if you left home without arming your home security system.

Privacy Control

Control video recording schedules for privacy – have recording pause when you arrive home, and resume when you leave

Customized Triggers

Make the system do the work for you. Use the sensors installed in your home to automatically trigger activity. So, when you disarm the system the hall light can turn on and thermostats automatically adjust.


Geo-Services gives you added automation that responds based on your location. Have your thermostat automatically adjust when you leave for work.