“Home monitoring” and “smart home systems” are synonymous now. If you’re wondering if a home monitoring system is the right choice for you and your home, the short answer is yes. If you remember, the worldwide switch from flip phone and regular cell phones to smartphones was rather sudden. The first touchscreen device popped onto the market and it seemed like it would be a slow meander, and that only the posh would have smartphones for some time. And then suddenly everyone had an iPhone and they were basically a necessity to have in your day-to-day life. We wager that smart home technology will be much the same. Why be behind the curve on improved and radically life-changing technology that will soon become the norm when you can invest in your safety and your convenience now? We’re confident in our claims, and we’ll show you why.

You’re Essentially The Keymaster

If you ever wanted to have complete, ultra-futuristic control over your whole home, now is your chance. In a smart home, your door can sense your proximity and will unlock as you approach. It also locks itself behind you when you leave. You can even pass out codes to individuals watching your place while you’re on vacation or for folks who are renting your AirBnB property from the portal on your phone. That means no hiding a spare set of keys in a secret little lockbox or anything else akin to that.

Automate Your Lifestyle

Lights account for around 30 percent of your home energy consumption and if your energy bill looks wonky, you might consider investing in smart fixtures. They’ll react to your daily routines, provide light only when you need and conserve energy while lowering your energy bill and your carbon footprint. The other big spender on your energy? Your temperature monitor. But that’s within your reach to time, set and control from anywhere all over the world. Catch a notification that the weather is pretty rough back home while you’re away, turn up the heat so your pets don’t get too cold. Concerned that the kids are home alone and the house is too hot in the summer? Turn down the AC from your table while your wife is in the bathroom powdering her nose. With the ultimate power, worrying about how your home is doing will never be a thought again.

Traditional Security Systems Are Pricey

There’s no reason to pay more than you need to. Traditional home security systems while being more secure at times and in certain floor plans are actually not, necessarily, the best value for your money. With an automated home system, you’ll be able to keep the pulse of the home under control at all times. You’ll know when the door opens, when the lights turn on, and when someone turns up the thermostat when you said not to. Pass on monthly fees and keep your home’s security in your pocket at all times with a dynamic lifestyle improving smart home monitoring system.

Get Your Home Monitoring and Security System In Miramar Beach

Don’t wait for it to get more popular and be left in the dust by your neighbors, access the life-improving qualities of home monitoring now. Reach out to Emerald Coast Alarms now to get your consultation and get on the road to a better quality of life.