It’s 2018 and it’s officially the future. We’ve got doorbell cameras that allow you to talk to someone from “your living room” when you’re actually halfway across the world. We’ve got bio-identification running rampant through city streets to help police forces catch criminals. We have actual 3D printers that can print out candy and useful tools. We, indeed, live in the future as we never have before. So where are the real security updates? Where are the space age, fingerprint, iris-scan sort of locks? They’re here, they’re just much simpler and more effective than whatever spy movie model you have in mind. When you think of keyless locks, do you picture the remote control on your key fob to your car? The truth is, the lock of the future is a keyless lock. Though they come in many forms, they’re reinventing how we access buildings, who we allow to access those buildings and what better functionality they can provide for more demographics of people.

Keyless Locks Help Everyone

It’s not just business executives and banks who are taking advantage of the higher form of security that you can acquire; it’s regular folks too. There’s nothing wrong with taking an interest in more security for your home, as you’re the one who has something to lose if your home is broken into. It’s completely in your interest to invest in better security. While commercial use is spreading rapidly, homeowners are slow to get on board. However, that excludes folks with second properties who are interested in renting to Airbnb users. They found out early how many benefits keyless locks and keyless entry and security, in general, has to offer the public.

The Convenience

You’re certainly familiar with how easy it is to type a password into your email account and enter within seconds. It’s secure, it’s yours and remembering the password once you’ve got it down is not especially difficult. In addition to that, they’re really easy to upgrade, thus making it less expensive and more cost effective to be improving your security whenever possible.

The Power

In most cases, keyless locks are battery powered. That means you won’t need to wire it and worry about it failing when the power goes out. Most models come equipped with battery life icons that will help you know when they need to be replaced. If, for whatever reason, the battery goes out, there are fail-safe mechanic locks on most of the models Emerald Coast Alarms installs so you won’t find yourself stranded outside your home or business at an inconvenient hour.

The Superior Access Control

If you run a business or a vacation rental business from your second home, keyless locks are the answer to most of your access problems. You can alter the code in the event of employee turnover and you can change the code for each individual who’s currently working for you or staying at your home. Some models even allow you to give codes that only work for a certain amount of time or between a few hours of the day.

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